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Visual LVM Remote helps you against COVID 19

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The Visual LVM Remote has been released now !
Manage LVM on remote system via any operating system
Manage LVM on remote system via any operating system
This year, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading all over the world and the infected numbers keep rising. More people are trying to keep social distancing and work from home.
As a result, this means that sometimes it could be hard for the administrators to use a graphical manager which runs only on native GUI modules, or drive to the server room to operate, or type long and complex commands via remote console.
However, the Release of the Visual LVM Remote could solve those problems!
The Visual LVM Standard, as a GUI LVM manager developed for Linux servers, for the first time provides server-level support for system administrators. It enables the system administrators to perform graphical administrative operations.
However, the Visual LVM Standard and all other GUI LVM managers are based on native GUI support, while Linux servers mostly exclude native GUI modules. It is a great limitation for the graphical LVM manager. To address this issue, weLees has released the newest product that supports Linux servers perfectly: The Visual LVM Remote.
The front-end of the Visual LVM Remote is based on Http. According to this design, the users can now perform LVM administration tasks on all web browsers. As long as the Visual LVM Remote is installed and running on the server, the administrators can now do LVM system managing work graphically no matter the server itself has a GUI module or not.
Meanwhile, the Visual LVM Remote naturally supports Remote operations because of Http/WebServer's architecture. Thus, Visual LVM Remote is the first LVM manager that can ever perform remote graphical management.
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