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ONE Application, MULTIPLE Platforms, UNLIMITED Extension

What is Blue Print ?

BluePrint is a cross platform hexadecimal editor based on HTTP protocol.
Its front end runs on any kind of smart device and its host end can run on both Linux and Windows platforms.
It can also perform graphical editing operations, even if the host is a headless or remote machine.
It transfers the most necessary data, which means the least band deamanding, when operating the remote machine for its based on HTTP protocol,
Its performance is greatly improved, comparing with other editing software running on the remote machine,
It allows users write their own data providing modules according to the data provider protocol based on its open architecture,
It has powerful and extensible template analysis function.

Features of Blue Print

You can editor/analysis data from remote deviceRemote Acces
You can editor/analysis data on any browser/platformCross Platform
You can analysis any deviceUnlimited Provider
You can view any dynamic data with template, such as the run stream of NTFSSuper template

Remote Access

You can edit/analysis data from remote machine, no copy, no email, just modifying data directly
The main panel of Visual LVM

Cross Platform

You can run Blue Print host-end on any PC, NAS, no matter it runs Windows or Linux
Extensible data provider

Unlimited Extension

You can access any device/object, if it is not a disk/volume/file, you can wirte data provider plugin for your device accroding to data provding protocol
You can parse any structure with template written by yourself according to the parsing template protocol
Searching data