A LVM GUI Manager for LVM administrator

Visual LVM Remote

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A New Style of LVM Management

What is Visual LVM ?

Have you always been managing LVM by typing commands and constructing disk layout in your mind?
Now, Visual LVM gives you a better and easier way to work on it. It is a GUI LVM manager on LINUX platform. It shows the layout of storage system directly and clearly so that you can manage much more hard disks more easily and quickly. It frees you from complex commands, that means you don't need to type commands any more, even remember them, just by click and drag you can work it out simply. Visual LVM is a new style of LVM management. It saves your time and energy, helping you focus on your task and making your work more easy and efficent.
Try it! You will like it!

Features of Visual LVM

Physical Volume Operation Volume Group Operation Logical Volume Operation
Feature Status Feature Status Feature Status
Create support create pv Create support create vg Create support create lv
Delete support delete pv Delete support delete vg Delete support delete lv
Change setting support modify pv setting Change setting support modify vg setting Change setting support modify lv setting
Enlarge support enlarge pv Rename support rename vg Enlarge support enlarge lv
Decrease support shrink pv Append Physical Volume support append pv to vg Decrease support shrink pv
- - Remove Physical Volume support remove pv from vg Rename support rename lv
- - Backup support backup vg setting - -
- - Restore support restore vg setting - -
Supported RAID type
Type Status
LinearVisual LVM supports simple/spanning volume
StripeVisual LVM supports stripe/raid 0 volume
MirrorVisual LVM supports mirror/raid 1 volume
StripeMirrorVisual LVM supports stripemirror/raid 10 volume
RAID 4Visual LVM supports raid 4 volume
RAID 5Visual LVM supports raid 5 volume
RAID 6Visual LVM supports raid 6 volume
Supported Platform
Visual LVM Remote supports all Linux platform with LVM installed
Visual LVM standard supports platforms
Platform Versions
Visual LVM supports Ubuntu 14.04+Ubuntu14.04 +
Visual LVM supports CentOS 7.0+CentOS7.0 +
Visual LVM supports Redhat Enterprise 7.0+Red hat Enterprise7.0 +
Visual LVM supports Debian 9.0+Debian9.0 +
Visual LVM supports Fedora 25+Fedora25 +
Visual LVM supports OpenSUSE 15+OpenSUSE15 +
Visual LVM supports Deepin 15+Deepin15 +
Visual LVM supports ArchLinux 2020+ArchLinux2020 +
Visual LVM supports Kali Linux 2020+Kali Linux2020 +

View the layout directly & clearly

With concise design, you can see the layout of disks overall. Distinguish different volume types easily by its color bar, and read the detail below by hovering mouse on each component.
The main panel of Visual LVM

Operate easily with mouse clicking & dragging

Operate on object easily, no calculating, no parameter checking and no commands. It helps you focus on your work.
Drag for changing Logical Volume size

Avoid wrong operation

Mistakes and wrong operations will be forbidden by GUI, thus you don't have to wait till the command is launched as usual or reivew parameters time by time to pick up errors.
The wrong operation will be forbidden