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A new style of LVM management !
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Visual LVM
is a latest


, which focuses on storage system details and provides a convenient way for Linux LVM administrators to work. It presents users with a unified view of the LVM information combined with the disk information. Users can easily view the details of all objects. On the other hand, it provides an easy-to-use operation interface, simple operations, helping users to perform the management tasks in the easiest way.

Visual LVM

really helps users achieve goals.
The Visual LVM based on Linux LVM service, it is as safe and reliable as command-line tools

Security reliable

It shows overview of storage system combined with LVM and disk layout, you can get it with a glance

View details overall

Easy to view, easy to operation, It can handle managing issue with least operations

Excellent experience

Easy to install, it can works with least dependence package

No dependence

Ubuntu, RHEL/Fedora/Centos, Debian, OpenSUSE, etc

Support all platforms

It support most type of logical volume

Support RAID 0/1/4/5/6/10

Handle advanced settings very easy

Advanced settings

Binary install package, no compiling request

No compiling

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